Monthly Archives: January 2007

Plain ol’ plantains

My mother just returned from a trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico, where she ate plantains fourteen different ways at every meal. She recreated one dish for us at dinner last weekend: peppers stuffed with plantains, cheese, and a bit of bacon, then roasted. They were delicious, but our peppers were small, so we ended […]


Oh my. Now here’s a tart to write home the internet about. I’ve had grapefruit curd on the brain ever since I saw Deb swap out lemon for grapefruit in one of Ina Garten’s cakes, and then mention grapefruit curd in the comments. And now I can tell you, it really is as heavenly as […]

Like a toddler, but without limbs

“Nooooooooo!” I said as I hurried to the oven to protect my precious souffles from a waft of cold air. I had to stand guard, you see, since Henning has a tendency to want to see what’s going on in covered pots and hot ovens. Usually the rice survives losing some steam, but I was […]

A grand day out

I went to San Francisco yesterday. That’s right, I flew from San Diego to Oakland on the earliest flight Southwest offers, and flew home on the latest flight. I needed just half a credit more to earn a ‘free’ roundtrip ticket anywhere in the US of A, and my credits would expire tomorrow, so, San […]

In praise of curry leaves

On our way home from studying at Claire de Lune on last Wednesday, Henning and I picked up some fresh curry leaves at the Indian market out on Black Mountain Road. After giving a talk in our Food for Thought seminar last week, I let myself relax by putting those curry leaves to good use, […]