Monthly Archives: February 2007

Happy thirty

Henning’s 30th birthday is March 6, and my mom will be back in Washington, DC by then, so she invited Henning and me and four of our friends over for dinner, drinks, and hot tub last night. Henning and I and two of the friends stayed the night, and this morning we were treated to […]

Sprouts for an army

Cleaning out the cupboards the other day, I ran across an unopened bag of boring American brown lentils that I’d bought before I discovered the luxury of Du Puy and Beluga lentils. They must have been sitting in my cupboard collecting dust for about 8 months, buried behind cans of diced tomatoes and half-empty bags […]

Believe the hype

In addition to the gorgeous honey that caused security problems for me at the Oakland airport, I also brought home some Rancho Gordo beans. Good Mother Stallards, to be precise. Henning is not the hugest bean fan, but I thought some of these gorgeous heirlooms might win him over. On Sunday, Henning and I had […]

A Persian Valentines Day

This past weekend I was in Lincoln, Nebraska. Oh, the lovely places you get to travel for math conferences! Besides Lincoln, I’ve been lucky enough to visit Bloomington, IN, Ithaca, NY, and North Conway, NH. I’m still waiting for the conference in Hawai’i. The conference in Lincoln was the Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in […]

Just some oatmeal cookies

I woke up this morning itching to bake something. I didn’t have to be at school until 1pm, and the oven was just calling to me. I rummaged through the cupboards and fridge and determined that I had the ingredients to make some chocolate chip cookies, though I didn’t want to make just the usual […]