Monthly Archives: April 2007

When the moon hits your eye

Ah yes. Pizza. Everyone’s favorite food, one of my least favorites. At least it was, until a couple of years ago, when I discovered the joys of homemade pizza at my friend Tom’s place. Gone was the greasy Real CheeseTM processed cheese food product, the sugar sauce, and the bland, soggy crust. Instead, I found […]


Last night, to celebrate my birthday (again), my parents took Henning and me out to dinner at Market Restaurant & Bar in Del Mar. In short: absolutely fabulous food, grotesquely upscale ambiance. Living in La Jolla, I’m used to seeing excess money flaunted about like nothing, but pulling into the complementary valet parking lot at […]


I’m back from Chicago. Finally, I got to go somewhere interesting for a math conference. The conference was great—a bunch of really good talks, plus the good company of fellow graduate students in topology. I arrived in Chicago late Thursday night without having taken any time at all to plan activities or meals. The conference […]


My first experience with pioloncillo sugar was not nearly as romantic as I’d imagined it would be when I watched Tio Tomas gently break small chunks of the stuff from its cone and stir it into a pot of steaming Champurrado in the movie QuinceaƱera (a fantastic film about gentrification of Hispanic neighborhoods in LA). […]

An old standby on a sunny day

Friday was an absolutely gorgeous day in San Diego. Granted, these are not so few and far between, but the past week has been a bit chilly, gloomy, and grey. The sudden onslaught of bright sunshine and warm temperatures, coupled with the cancellation of the afternoon number theory lecture that Henning and I attend, just […]