Monthly Archives: June 2007

Pie Are Square

I credit our parents with the development of Maia and my math-y minds (she’s getting her PhD in math, I’m in physics). They refused to let us buy into the mysticism and stigma associated with math, introducing us to the basic geometry and algebra concepts at very young ages. I remember many dinnertime jokes involving […]

Eat Local Triangle

Maia and I both have the great luck of living in a place where good local food is easily available. California is a standout in produce production, and you can’t go 5 miles on a Saturday in San Diego county without stumbling upon a farmer’s market. Stalls there are lined with ‘seasonal’ veggies (quotation marks […]

Eating My Curds and Whey

Hello all. I’m Laurel, Maia’s sister, and I’ll be your guest blogger for the week. I recently read Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, a description of her family’s journey through a year of eating only (or mostly) produce and meat grown on their own property in Virginia. Kingsolver had more than your average knowledge of […]

Sister Blogger

I’ll be out of town, hiking in Utah for ten days. In the meantime, my sister, Laurel, will be keeping you entertained. Rumor has it that she might tell you about cheesemaking at home and eating local in the Chapel Hill, NC area. Enjoy!

Hey, thanks!

Thanks to whoever nominated me for Culinate’s GrillMe Food Blogger contest! I really appreciate it :) It was probably my mother, ha. Anyway, I don’t stand a chance against the likes of Sam, Matt, and Deb, but I’m happy that someone thought of me, cause I sure would enjoy a trip to Napa. Especially one […]