Monthly Archives: July 2007


On nights when I come to my parents house for dinner, my mom and I often exchange lots of emails trying to work out the menu. But yesterday I came over early, so we got to have our discussion in person. It usually goes something like this: “So what should we have for dinner?” “Well, […]

Eat In, Act Out

This coming week, July 29 through August 5, is Eat In, Act Out week, organized by San Diego Food Not Lawns. Here’s what they have to say about the event. San Diego has the second-highest number of small farms in the entire US and yet, very little local produce is used in our restaurants or […]

The temple explodes the chicken cube

My friend Jason just got back from a few weeks in China. He was there for a conference, and wandering the streets he saw lots and lots of signs like this one. Now, I know what dumpling, fried rice, and fried noodles are. But can anybody make any sense out of these other ones? Fragrant […]

So it grows

Hey guess what I figured out. You’re not going to believe it, but it’s true: If you put plants into dirt and water them, they grow! Amazing, isn’t it? How they do it, I’ll never know. I mean, come on, let’s see you turn sunlight and water into green stuff that you can physically touch. […]

Summer in a bowl

You know those magical recipes that come together effortlessly and completely capture the essence of good eating? This is one of those. Bookmark this now and make it tonight. I’m not kidding. You can thank me later. The recipe couldn’t be simpler: coarsely chop tomatoes, peaches, shallot, and tarragon. Blend with a splash of white […]