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The temple explodes the chicken cube

My friend Jason just got back from a few weeks in China. He was there for a conference, and wandering the streets he saw lots and lots of signs like this one. Now, I know what dumpling, fried rice, and fried noodles are. But can anybody make any sense out of these other ones? Fragrant […]

I heart Japan

Only in Japan would someone come up with the idea of confining melons and cucumbers to certain shapes when they are young, so that when they are ripe, they are square, or pyramidal, or star-shaped. Oh goodness, just go have a look for yourself.

Marching through the desert

I’m back from the parched and strikingly beautiful canyon lands of Utah. Henning and I spent a week and a half driving between national parks to hike and take in a good ol’ dose of pure nature. We managed to log over 2200 driving miles and 100 hiking miles in the process, and all that […]

Eat Local Triangle

Maia and I both have the great luck of living in a place where good local food is easily available. California is a standout in produce production, and you can’t go 5 miles on a Saturday in San Diego county without stumbling upon a farmer’s market. Stalls there are lined with ‘seasonal’ veggies (quotation marks […]

Sister Blogger

I’ll be out of town, hiking in Utah for ten days. In the meantime, my sister, Laurel, will be keeping you entertained. Rumor has it that she might tell you about cheesemaking at home and eating local in the Chapel Hill, NC area. Enjoy!