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Not your average fish stix

I’m here to tell you about breading your fish with cereal, cornflakes to be exact, and then panfrying it. Doesn’t that sound good? No? Well just wait until you try it. It makes for the most impossibly crispy crust you’ve ever had on a piece of fish. I guarantee it. Granted, “breaded” and fried fish […]


I have a confession. I don’t really like pesto. I probably just feel that way because I’ve never been able to successfully make a good pesto myself – it always gets overwhelmed by the garlic. Maybe that makes me a little immature (like a kid who’s picked last at dodgeball – “Dodgeball’s stupid. I’ve never […]

Brain food

This is the summer of research for me. If I want to graduate in a year, I really need to put my nose to the grindstone. I usually fuel my brain with plenty of lattes and tea, but there’s only so much caffeine a girl can drink in a day. When I’m looking for a […]

Marching through the desert

I’m back from the parched and strikingly beautiful canyon lands of Utah. Henning and I spent a week and a half driving between national parks to hike and take in a good ol’ dose of pure nature. We managed to log over 2200 driving miles and 100 hiking miles in the process, and all that […]

Post-excess salad syndrome

Saturday was Kate’s 60th birthday. Kate is a good friend of my parents, from their graduate school days. She, her husband, and their daughter flew out to San Diego from Williamsburg, VA, and met up with her son, who now lives in San Diego. My mom and I put on a damn fine dinner for […]