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Summer in a bowl

You know those magical recipes that come together effortlessly and completely capture the essence of good eating? This is one of those. Bookmark this now and make it tonight. I’m not kidding. You can thank me later. The recipe couldn’t be simpler: coarsely chop tomatoes, peaches, shallot, and tarragon. Blend with a splash of white […]


Now I know you are all going to be raising an eyebrow at me blathering on about a hearty winter soup here on the fourth day of June, but man, it’s just not summer where I am. And the truth is, I could (and probably will) eat this soup all year round. A hearty mix […]

May Gray

The weather has been awful here for the last week or so—cold, cloudy, and damp. It seems the June Gloom has come a few weeks early. It’s perfect soup weather, though, and Henning came back from the Talbot workshop at the end of March claiming to have enjoyed a black bean soup. Amazing, for a […]

Lifting a fog as thick as pea soup

Since I was feeling a bit better this afternoon, Henning and I went to Pannikin Coffee & Tea in Leucadia to try to get some work done. My head was still a fuzzy cloud wrapped up in a blanket of goo, but we had hopes that a little fresh air and tea would help clear […]