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Did I scare you? It’s been so long, I know! I’m not going to sit around and make you read a long list of reasons that I haven’t been posting, because there’s really only one reason: thesis. I doubt I’ll have time to start posting again regularly, but I just wanted to say hi and […]

Feelin’ Blue

I WENT BLUEBERRY PICKING, AND YOU SHOULD TOO! Ok, sorry, let me try again, but with a wee bit less enthusiasm. You need to drive about 20 miles north of Chapel Hill, 10 miles past Hillsborough on the incredibly scenic old 86, where there are several pick-yer-own blueberry patches (or find a patch near you). […]

More scoops

I know what you’re thinking. Oh here we go with the ice cream again. And that darn book, what was it, the Poop Scoop? She should just give up and send these love letters directly to this David Lebovitz guy and leave the rest of the internet out of it. I mean really. It’s kind […]

Oh, summer!

The season of bounty, where fruit is bursting with juicy ripeness and everything is in abundance. It is here. Summer summer summer. Please excuse me while I do a silly dance with my bags overflowing with goodies from the farmers market. Sweet corn is so perfectly crisp and ripe and sweet that it doesn’t need […]

A thousand perfect scoops

So. Everybody and their mother has David Lebovitz‘s awesome book, The Perfect Scoop. And everybody and their mother has blogged about it. But I can’t help but tell you about it too. It’s really that awesome. We’re talking pages and pages mouth-watering, butt-building frozen goodness.. it’s enough to make you swear off bikinis forever. My […]